PXT 115

The Xamsa PXT 115 Squash Racket made from Toray Japan standard modulus carbon fiber + high modulus carbon fiber + basalt.

It has the same mold as the PXT 110 but is a bit heavier and more durable.

Based on the feedback we received from players of different levels, PXT 115 feels more solid, has a larger sweet spot, provides better control but is less powerful than the PXT 110.

Overall, we think that the PXT 115 is a more versatile racquet whereas the PXT 110 is better suited for an attacking style of play.

A few words about technology used in PXT 115 construction.

The frame is made of Toray Japan standard modulus carbon fiber woven with high modulus carbon fiber.

Unlike the PXT 110, the PXT 115 doesn’t have basalt in the head of the racquet. No need to reinforce it further as it has a more head heavy balance with a few extra grams in the head, which provides for better durability.

This is a layer of vibration damping material (carbon fiber with polyolefin) woven with a layer of strengthening material (basalt). It’s for illustration purposes only. For the final version of the racquet, we painted “snake skin” over with matt black. You can only see it when you remove the grip.


Net Weight:115 grams +/- 5gr
Full Weight:155 grams +/- 5gr
Surface Area:500 cm2
Length:686 mm
Balance:365 mm +/- 5mm
Strings:14×18 pattern, Xamsa Multifilament PM 18g
Grip:Xamsa, Black


Xamsa PM 18 is constructed using a thousand multifilaments as a center core then wrapped in braided fibers. The rough surface and resistance gives good control of the ball, and the elastic coating provides extra power.

Power – 7
Chart 7 out of 10

Control – 7
Chart 7 out of 10

Durability – 10
Chart 10 out of 10