The Xamsa Onyx Squash Racket made from 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber and consists of diamond shaped edges for better aerodynamics.


Net Weight:111 grams ± 3 g
Full Weight:151 grams ± 3 g
Surface Area:500 cm2
Length:686 mm
Balance:365 mm ± 5mm
Strings:14×18 pattern, Xamsa Multifilament PM 18
Grip:Xamsa Tacky Grip


Xamsa PM 18 is constructed using a thousand multifilaments as a center core then wrapped in braided fibers. The rough surface and resistance gives good control of the ball, and the elastic coating provides extra power.

Power – 10
Chart 10 out of 10

Control – 6
Chart 6 out of 10

Durability – 10
Chart 10 out of 10