DURO 120

We are happy to introduce a durable, high quality squash racquet for beginner-to-intermediate level players at an affordable price.
There is no aluminum in this frame. It is made of Formosa Taiwan Carbon with fibre-reinforced polymer for durability.

Being squash players ourselves we realize that not everybody has a budget to afford an expensive squash racquet, especially when you are just starting or developing your skills.

Furthermore, many high end racquets are often fragile as playability is prioritized over durability.

If you are not an advanced player, you may tend to hit the wall a bit too hard for the racquet to last long enough.

Durability was our main focus for the Duro 120.

That being said, the racquet plays very well too. It feels solid, doesn’t vibrate and generates a good amount of power.

Hopefully, you will give Xamsa a try and will see for yourself that low price doesn’t always mean low quality.


Construction:Formosa Taiwan carbon fiber + Fiberglass
Net Weight:120 grams +/- 5gr
Full Weight:160 grams +/- 5gr
Surface Area:500 cm2
Length:686 mm
Balance:365 mm +/- 5mm
Strings:14×19 pattern, Xamsa Multifilament PMZ-18g
Tension:Xamsa Black


Xamsa PM 18 is constructed using a thousand multifilaments as a center core then wrapped in braided fibers. The rough surface and resistance gives good control of the ball, and the elastic coating provides extra power.

Power – 6
Chart 6 out of 10

Control – 6
Chart 6 out of 10

Durability – 10
Chart 10 out of 10