The Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racket has excellent control without compromising maneuverability.

Made fromĀ 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber. Diamond shaped edges for better aerodynamics and removable top bumper (makes the racquet 7 g lighter and 15 mm more head light).

Typically though, lightweight teardrop rackets are considered best suited for an attacking style of play while bridged rackets are more popular among players seeking increased control or finesse.


Net Weight:112 grams + 3 g
Full Weight:153 grams + 3 g
Surface Area:500 cm2
Length:686 mm
Balance:365 mm + 5 mm (with top bumper)
Strings:14×18 pattern, Xamsa Multifilament PM 18
Grip:Xamsa Tacky Grip, Black


Xamsa PM 18 is constructed using a thousand multifilaments as a center core then wrapped in braided fibers. The rough surface and resistance gives good control of the ball, and the elastic coating provides extra power.

Power – 7
Chart 7 out of 10

Control – 9
Chart 9 out of 10

Durability – 10
Chart 10 out of 10


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